What We’ve Become.

Amy Miranda
2 min readDec 27, 2018


Ascension Institute — Amy Miranda

We had everything that we needed, we weren’t always this weak.

We evolved to a life filled with spirit, magic and grace.

We built pyramids, great civilizations, even visited space…

But something else happened. In the need to succeed.

We found money, capitalism, patriarchy and greed.

We fought great wars, we lost connection to nature,

We lost community and found nothing was greater,

We bought, we sold, we allowed a divide.

We judged each other. We hated. So many died.

We got distracted, competed, exhumed.

We stole, we spilled, we ruined, consumed.

We treated this planet, and all on it, like a trash can.

Now we are here, and we must make a plan..

We forgot who we were. We forgot what it means.

We all sit here now, scared, frustrated, unseen.

So this is the time, with all of our technological tools,

That we bring back the connection, we don’t have to be fools.

To rebuild these systems, to remove the greedy from power,

Good and evil do exist and this Good’s hour.

We’re all here for a reason. We all matter here.

This is the time. This is the year.

So all good hearts, come one and come all.

It’s time to come together to fix our little blue and green ball.

We are the generation, we are the solution.

We are the change, it is our revolution

December 26, 2018

Originally published at http://ascension.institute on December 27, 2018.



Amy Miranda

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