Why The Moon is Wobbling.

Amy Miranda
5 min readJul 17, 2021

I’m sure a lot of you read or heard the story about the moon “wobble”. If you didn’t you can have a look here.
Here’s the thing I’ve learned about being human, and hopefully through this whole COVID experience you’ve learned it too. We humans really like to overcomplicate shit.

We like to pretend that we know better, and different. That the answers we get from some of the most educated, dedicated and intelligent people on the planet who chose to train in science and medicine to SAVE LIVES are just conspiracy theorists all of a sudden? Come on…. Humans.

You know what’s clear from this whole pandemic experience?

We don’t. We don’t know better.

Please consider that this is all much simpler than we humans have made it out to be. We really do tend to overcomplicate things.

It’s time we use Occam’s razor.

The simplest explanation is usually the best one. Are you ready? Here it is:

Humans fucked up. This is a virus that happened because of someone’s mistreatment of animals and we got sick (again). Just like diseases like H1N1 (and every other thing we’ve gotten from treating our co-habitants poorly). You’d think we’d have figured that out after so many pandemics that came from us hurting animals. This isn’t the time that it’s a conspiracy. Millions of people have DIED.

We don’t have to get all spiritual for me to say I’m sure in your life you’ve had dealings with the powers that be. The thing I’ve learned in these dealings is that when I don’t get the message the first time, it gets louder and louder until finally, typically the Universe delivers a punch to the face.

Those of you in recovery know what I’m talking about. Those of you who’ve survived things know what I’m talking about. Apparently there’s a large segment of the population who still aren’t able to connect these dots. COVID is the punch to the face, it has impacted the entire planet, most people know someone who is no longer here.

Governments failed to protect us and shut things down more quickly because of ego and capitalism (you can still blame big pharma and all big business in this group). This whole wearing a mask thing and getting a vaccine it’s all about the golden rule… You’d think we’d have gotten that by now. Do Unto Others. Even in the midst of a global pandemic we can’t seem to do that. So, we got sent to our rooms. To think. To consider. To suffer and to be reminded that when we are with other humans we should be present. That connection and touch and sharing meals and celebrating is life.

I don’t know about you but now that I’m easing back into the world I don’t find myself on my phone when i’m with people. I am present. COVID taught me that. It’s a side effect. So was going outside more, and being more aware of what was happening in the world. All these things are side effects that tell me that we’re supposed to be learning something here.

I hope that you learned that without community and connection life is pretty hard. Most of us have been living a life of relative privilege. We have computers in our hands. We can travel great distances. Life has been easy. It’s also been ego. This whole overcomplicating, that’s where it comes from. Ego.This is perhaps the most ego driven version of humanity we have ever seen. Take a look around. It’s not working.

We are seeing failure of governments, systems, institutions, our ecosystem. (Or is that egosystem?) seeing the violent murderous truth about colonialism and the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. It likes to divide. It’s been doing it for hundreds (maybe thousands) of years now. It likes to muddy the waters and tell stories. It’s time we see it all clearly with fresh eyes. These systems are killing us. Literally. We are meant to reclaim our humanity and know that as long as one of us are sick, all of us are sick. This is not so complicated. Please consider that it’s time we get more literal, and see the truth. We’ve allowed these systems control for too long. They’re breaking during all of this because they’re not working. This is an opportunity to reset. We need new ones. We have lots of smart people here on the planet to help us do that, let the activists and change agents build the new world. I hope you’ll join them, if you haven’t already.

Now, back to the moon. Let’s apply Occam’s razor to our wobbling moon. We’ve just outlined that in so many ways we are killing each other. Literally, by choice. We are out of balance, we are moving against nature, we’ve seen natural disasters on Earth, we’ve seen a global pandemic that continues to mutate, and we’ve got people starving while a few white guys race to go to space.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Maybe the moon is pissed. We’re ruining her friend the Earth and now before doing anything to fix it, the literal richest people in the world (many of whom I’m not sure ARE human given their behavior toward employees) are racing each other off the planet instead of giving, helping, fixing or becoming the heroes of humanity by actually coming together to use their influence to fix it. I don’t know about you but it’s enough to make one wobble with rage.

Is that what’s happening? I don’t know, but I do know what Jesus said about the rich in the Bible and I can’t help but wonder of the poster boys of capitalism are really welcome in Space? It doesn’t seem like it. It’s like a bad movie except we can’t turn it off, or can we?

Next week is a full moon. I’d like to ask that you try something different.

I’d like to ask that you do something for the moon. Leave out some water, write her a note, say a prayer for her, tell her you love her, sing her a song. Honor her cycles and then imagine that one day she is gone. That there’s no more Good Night Moon.

Now try to do the same for earth, for animals and humanity because we’re so close, razor’s edge.

History will not be kind to us if there are any of us left to read it.

Please consider that we’re not the smartest beings at the table.
We can do great things, but it has to be together. That’s how we’ll tip the scales. This is what the pandemic is trying to teach us.

We will not survive if we don’t change.



Amy Miranda

Spiritual Guidance Counsellor, Executive Producer/Founder Lunch Inc. Creatrix, CSA Survivor, Wonder Witch, Writer, Pal. 𓂀 ☤ 道 www.amymiranda.com