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I’m sure a lot of you read or heard the story about the moon “wobble”. If you didn’t you can have a look here.
Here’s the thing I’ve learned about being human, and hopefully through this whole COVID experience you’ve learned it too. We humans really like to overcomplicate shit.

We like to pretend that we know better, and different. That the answers we get from some of the most educated, dedicated and intelligent people on the planet who chose to train in science and medicine to SAVE LIVES are just conspiracy theorists all of a sudden? Come on…. Humans.

Here’s what I know about Canada’s shame.

It continues.

I’m in my 40’s (and, I’m sure like most of you) I didn’t learn about Canada’s actual history in school. I didn’t learn the truth about what Canada did, about the Sixties Scoop, or Residential Schools. We didn’t learn about the atrocities, the horrors and abuses. We learned about Pemmican and Bannock.
Seriously. At my Catholic School that was what I learned about. I envisioned some magical places where people were living off of the land. Naturally, happily.

That was a lie. It wasn’t just a lie it was manufactured to…

I’m sure you’ve said it too. When things get “back to normal”. I’ve stopped saying it. I’ve realized how much I didn’t even like “normal”. The pace of it, the breakneck back to back meeting schedule. The rush, the alerts, and notifications. It’s like we were all participating in some kind of terrible contest of who can spend the least amount of time enjoying life and spending the most time working. Accumulating.

We spent more time on our devices than looking into each other’s eyes. We went to work when we were sick. We avoided staying home.
We ignored the…

When I was a little kid I noticed that my grandfather, a passionate 2nd generation Torontonian and a WWII veteran, always brought a mix of binders and manila envelopes to family dinners. The envelopes were handed out only after a lively dinner, typically to be reviewed over tea and coffee. He would hold court while his kids reviewed the contents of the envelopes as he rifled through the binders. His children, including my Mother would circle around him and listen intently while reading whatever came out of the envelopes. …

A little fiction, seeded by Stephen King.

A dirty gas stove top with a small pot of water boiling on the front burner.
A dirty gas stove top with a small pot of water boiling on the front burner.

The afternoon was bright and airy and Dick hadn’t felt either in a long time. It was a rare afternoon out of the office. A friend’s birthday party for 5 year old Nell was the catalyst for Dick even being able to ask his boss Randall for the time. This ask was bookended by the boss realizing that it might be the time to finally give out those half days on Fridays that he’d been dangling all summer. It was late August and the office held its own air, an air of frustration…

Ascension Institute — Amy Miranda

I’m over simplifying a bit here; because in truth, there’s a lot of components to my activism and attitude regarding the systems designed specifically to oppress us — but it started with Chuck D. I’ve been thinking about the spirit of revolution a lot lately as 2019 moves to a close.

It’s been a year of revolutions all around the world. Literally across the globe. The beautiful thing is that all of us, every single protester, resistor and activist carries essentially the same hope for massive peaceful revolution in their hearts. That much is obvious. Most people want peace and…

Ascension Institute — Amy Miranda

We are at the crossroads. There is one way forward (together).

We are at a crucial point in humanity and I believe it’s time we connect as individuals around the world to build new systems for the future.

The world is on fire. We are in peril. We all feel it. There have been beautiful uprisings around the world, new communities, resistance, this is something people around the world are feeling. Too many people are living in poverty. Too many people are without hope. Too many hurt people are hurting people.

So I did what I always end up doing…

Ascension Institute — Amy Miranda

We had everything that we needed, we weren’t always this weak.

We evolved to a life filled with spirit, magic and grace.

We built pyramids, great civilizations, even visited space…

But something else happened. In the need to succeed.

We found money, capitalism, patriarchy and greed.

We fought great wars, we lost connection to nature,

We lost community and found nothing was greater,

We bought, we sold, we allowed a divide.

We judged each other. We hated. So many died.

We got distracted, competed, exhumed.

We stole, we spilled, we ruined, consumed.

We treated this planet, and all on it…

Ascension Institute — Amy Miranda

Men often suffer in silence. There is always hope. There is always help. Shamanic healing and reiki were an incredible combination for me as a survivor myself. They helped me learn how to let my body release what it held, they helped me learn to have a new perspective on myself, and my experience, but most importantly, to bring back the power, not the trauma.

For years I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I felt disconnected. I describe it now as feeling like I was visiting in my own body. I hadn’t really moved in. No matter how…

Ascension Institute — Amy Miranda

It’s a time like no other. We are more connected to one another than we’ve ever been, yet we are more disconnected from each other then we have ever been. We have for the last 50–60 years been focused on capitalism and consumption. In the last 10 years we’ve focused on other people. We’ve watched Kardashians, Housewives, Apprentices. However, we’ve lost touch with our community, our family, our natural world. We also lost faith. Systems, organized religion, these things we had inherited for generations, the churches, the prayer, the things that often weren’t imprinted with the right amount of reverence…

Amy Miranda

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